About Us

Who We Are:

Gunslingers, bulldogs, and shrewd tacticians!

Atkinson Law is a full-service criminal defense and civil rights firm based in Connecticut. We handle cases across the United States with a particular focus on Connecticut matters.

What separates us from other law firms is our rare blend of gunslinging and thoughtful advocacy. We are dedicated to doing everything that the law permits to protect you and your rights. At the same time, we understand that conducting scorched-earth litigation may make matters worse for you.

That’s why we take a systematic approach to developing a strategy that protects you and puts you and your interests first. We works side-by-side with you to:

  • Develop a comprehensive and winning theory of your case.
  • Identify your risks and how to protect you.
  • Reduce your opponent’s ability to impact your life.
  • Emphasize who you are and why judges and juries should care about you.
  • Control the public narrative surrounding your case.
  • Take advantage of forced and unforced errors by your opponents.

When it comes time to fight, our systematic approach provides us the perfect foundation to make the unorthodox and non-traditional moves that make us true legal gunslingers.

Our Story:

Attorney Cameron Atkinson founded Atkinson Law, LLC on August 5, 2022 after leaving a boutique criminal defense and civil rights litigation firm. Drawing on his invaluable experience, Attorney Cameron Atkinson has dedicated Atkinson Law to defending the despised and protecting the everyday people who have unfortunately found their rights sacrificed to their government’s whims.

Atkinson Law