Atkinson Law Moves For Emergency Injunction Against Wilcox Tech For Failing To Educate 200-400 Children

Attorney Cameron Atkinson has filed a motion for a New Haven judge to grant an emergency injunction against H.C. Wilcox Technical High School (Wilcox Tech) for failing to educate approximately 200-400 children. You may recall that Atkinson Law filed a class action on behalf of Wilcox Tech students early this week. This represents the next step in protecting these students’ future.

Atkinson writes: “The Plaintiffs did not pick this battle. It started when a brave 16-year-old girl named Angela Zandri refused to give up on herself and her future and decided to advocate for herself. All she wanted was a geometry teacher. Instead, she received a lesson in selfishness, lies, and manipulation. She also discovered the beauty of the free speech and petitioning rights contained in the First Amendment and the Connecticut Constitution and the courage to exercise them – both when no one was watching and when an entire state was watching – despite the risk of retaliation.

Her leadership drew an equally courageous and hard-working Hunter Herbst to this battle. All he wanted was a geometry teacher too. He received the same lessons as Angela Zandri did. The lessons will both make them stronger as adults, and their courage has set a fine example for Adam Zandri, who now takes up the battle where they left off and will pursue it with equal fervor, courage, and dignity. Behind them all stand loving and supporting families who demand the benefit of the promises made by the Connecticut Constitution. They seek the Court’s intervention to make their nightmare stop.”

You can support these brave parents and children by donating or letting them know that you’re praying for them at the link below:

The full filing is below:

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