Press Conference To Announce Class Action Lawsuit Against H.C. Wilcox Technical High School For Civil Rights Violations.

Attorney Cameron Atkinson will hold a press conference along with his clients – Jason Zandri, Renata Zandri, Todd Herbst, and Suzanne Herbst – on November 7, 2022 at 5 PM to announce the filing of a class action lawsuit on behalf of approximately 300 to 400 H.C. Wilcox Technical High School students against various Connecticut officials for violating their civil rights to an education.

The press conference will take place on the sidewalk in front of H.C. Wilcox Technical High School located at 298 Oregon Road, Meriden, CT 06451.

All members of the press are invited to attend, and there will be a Q&A period.

A copy of the lawsuit will be added to this post shortly after the press conference.

Attorney Atkinson comments: “I have never seen state officials stoop to such lows before to escape legal accountability for their actions and hide their wrongdoing at the expense of innocent children’s well-being and in derogation of their constitutional rights. In any sane world, these officials would have been fired weeks ago, and the state would have performed a top-to-bottom audit on Wilcox Tech’s compliance with the constitution. We are confident that we will find much more sanity in the courts, and we will hold these officials legally accountable for their atrocious treatment of our children.”

The Zandri and Herbst families have taken the lead on this matter, but litigation can be expensive and taxing. Thus, they respectfully ask for any support that you can give – either by letting them know that you’re praying for them or by donating to help their fight for Connecticut’s greatest treasures – its children – at the link below:

The complaint is below:


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Angelina Russoreply
November 7, 2022 at 9:08 am

I’m a senior at Wilcox tech. Juniors are not the only ones without an instructor. This issue effects all student school wide. I don’t know if you realize but this is the second lawsuit in 5 years for the same reason. There’s a short of staff school wide including janitors leaving bathrooms to be locked and out of use making the students walk further from there class to use the restroom losing more class time. Some students have to actually walk across the school for a bathroom. I could go on and on. Wilcox kept me back after boarder line passing because they never sent me work while I was in treatment for 5 weeks. Then covid hit when I got out and school shut down. I was the only student kept back that didn’t leave. I’ve been here for 5 years and have a long record with the school due to the way they have treated me personally. Wilcox has A-LOT of issues that go a-lot further than just not having teachers.

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