At Atkinson Law, we do everything that the law permits us to do to get you justice.

Attorney Cameron Atkinson is a rare combination of a gunslinger, a bulldog, and a shrewd tactician. Whether he is engaged in criminal defense, civil rights litigation, or any other matter, Attorney Atkinson systematically develops a strategy that protects you and puts you and your interests first. He works side-by-side with you to:

  • Develop a comprehensive and winning theory of your case.
  • Identify your risks and how to protect you.
  • Reduce your opponent’s ability to impact your life.
  • Emphasize who you are and why judges and juries should care about you.
  • Control the public narrative surrounding your case.
  • Take advantage of forced and unforced errors by your opponents.
Attorney Cameron L. Atkinson

Criminal Defense

When the government comes to lock you up, we do everything that the law permits us to do to walk you out of a courtroom a free person.

Civil Rights

When the government violates your rights, we hold it accountable. We do everything possible to deal legal defeats to tyrants.

Employment Law

When your employer discriminates against you, we do everything in our power to make them pay for their misconduct.

Sports Law & Management

We help athletes leave their mark on the sports Americans love.

Meet Our Team

Attorney Cameron Atkinson

Cameron L. Atkinson

Founding Attorney

Attorney Atkinson is the founder of Atkinson Law, LLC. He focuses his practice on criminal defense, employment, and civil rights litigation including defending free speech, religious liberty, and Second Amendment rights.

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